Multiple-Part Workholding

Automated clamping systems

Increase milling efficiency by up to 40%!

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5C Collet

Perfect for gripping parts on the outside diameter, our system allows you to hold multiple-parts with the benefit of fast clamping

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ID Collet

Expanding mandrel I.D. Collets are ideal for manufacturing applications that require gripping the inside diameter of a part

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Boost milling efficiency by getting more parts under the spindle and add the ability to automate clamping with hydraulics

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Workholding Solutions

You’re in good hands. We Specialize in Multiple-Part Workholding Solutions for CNC Production Milling Applications. Let us help you build a more efficient fixture using standard clamping technology with the added power of hydraulics! Stop hand clamping and increase production by up to 40% today!

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