PAWS Workholding Releases New Hydraulic Clamping System

Source: Manufacturing News | February 1, 2011

PAWS Workholding has introduced its new modular Hydraulic Clamping System.

Suitable for contact manufacturers or OEMs who perform CNC production milling, the system automates clamping on CNC mills, resulting in reduced load and un-load times as well as minimizing idle spindle time, the company said. With clamping points available every two inches on center, the PAWS system allows for more density under the spindle on the fixture plate. This feature gives users the ability to decrease the total number of tool changes and load sequences required when running jobs, creating more efficiency and capacity, said PAWS.

“For maximum flexibility, PAWS users can create modular fixture plates utilizing many of today’s standard clamps, such as Mitee-Bite Uniforce, OK-Vise Wedge, Pitbull, ID Collet, V-Block, Vise and many others,” said a company spokesperson. “The PAWS Hydraulic Base provides a grid map of clamping points to the fixture builder. Manufacturers can now utilize all the advantages of hydraulic clamping without the high cost of a dedicated system. Users can make one investment in the hydraulic base and create interchangeable fixture plates for each new job or part. PAWS also offers a line of standard ‘off-the-shelf’ ID collet and multi-vise fixture plates to help get jobs up and running quicker.

“The PAWS System also provides adjustable, consistent clamping pressure on every load with the flip of a switch. Operator mis-loads from hand tightening clamps during part load sequences are eliminated. The PAWS System is also designed to lower operator fatigue and reduce operator attendance.”

Four standard hydraulic base sizes are available: 4″ x 19″ unit with 18 dual-acting pistons, 8″ x 10″ unit with 20 dual-acting pistons, 12″ x 16″ unit with 48 dual-acting pistons and a 16″ x 20″ unit with 80 dual-acting pistons. Other features of this system are a .230 piston stroke and an adjustable clamping force of up to 3,500 lbs.

Options include a hydraulic pump, interface plates, standard multi-vise fixture plates, standard machinable ID collet fixtures plates, pressure sensors, hard plumbing of hydraulics and custom workholding solutions.