Source: Manufacturing News | February 1, 2013

PAWS Workholding has developed a modular 5C Collet Clamping System to use in production milling applications. “The hydraulic clamping 5C collet system is designed to incorporate multiple-part workholding with fast, efficient clamping in order to maximize spindle cut time and density of parts in the milling work space,” said a PAWS Workholding spokesperson.

The system comes in two standard sizes, a 12″ x 16″ 24-station unit and an 8″ x 10″ eight-station unit. The 5C fixture plate is removable from the hydraulic base plate (non-dedicated) so other fixture plates can be utilized with the system.

Suited for contract manufacturers or OEM’s that perform CNC production milling, the system automates clamping on CNC mills. “Productivity can be improved dramatically by getting more parts under the spindle, resulting in reduced tool change and load times,” said the spokesperson. “The system allows for control of the part Z-height through dead length adjustment stops and part repeatability can be held to within .0002 inches.”

Options include an accumulator package for pallet switching applications and engineered, turn-key solutions for those looking to have part programming, tooling and installation handled by the PAWS’ team of Workholding Specialists.