3J Collet Workholding Systems

Automated Multiple-Part Workholding for Outside Diameter Clamping

Perfect for gripping parts on the outside diameter, the PAWS 3J Collet clamping system allows you to hold multiple parts on one fixture plate with the added benefit of fast clamping. Our 3J dead length system has been designed with several key engineering features that make it ideal for OD gripping when tight tolerances, rigidity, and part repeatability are critical.

A key advantage of The PAWS 3J system is that it uses fixed (or static) collet sleeves, which control part location and provides center line repeatability of less than .0002” . Our system also uses a proprietary “Pull to Close” clamping mechanism, so parts are pulled down against the dead length stop as the 3J collet closes, giving “Z” Axis length repeatability of less than .0002”. The 3J Collet system holds parts up to 1.750” in diameter.

The 3J Collet fixture plate comes in one standard size, a 12 x 16” 8-Station system. Custom configurations are available upon request.

  • Hold parts up to 1.750 inches in diameter
  • Pull to Close clamping against dead length stop
  • Z height repeatability of less than .0002 inches
  • Clamp eight parts in seconds

Collet Locking


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Part Number Description Fits on Hydraulic Base
3420-3J08-DL-CP 8 Station 3J Collet Fixture Plate – 12×16” 3080-40-CP
3400-14-3J-LS-CP Locating Stops for 3J System
3400-15-3J-CW-CP 3J Collet Wrench Steel