Contract Manufacturing


Montague Manufacturing is a full service provider of precision machined components for many different industries and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Some of the Industries we serve are Automotive, Aerospace, Military & Defense, Tube & Hose Assemblies, Electrical Control and Hydraulic Fittings.

Our facility is set up to handle small quantities as well as large scale production volumes. In addition to precision machining components, Montague Manufacturing can coordinate all other necessary services such as plating, grinding, laser etching, heat treating, anodizing and vibratory de-burring operations.

We have state of the art CNC milling and turning equipment, as well as a full engineering and design team to handle all of your part production needs. Send us your part print and RFQ and we send a quote back to you in a timely manner.

Contact Us

P: (810) 686-0000
F: (810) 686-2860

11533 Liberty Street
Clio, MI 48420

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We Offer

– Fast turn around, short lead times
– Engineering and Design, print development, CAD/CAM
– Custom fixturing solutions, hydraulic or manual
– Contract Manufacturing EAU volumes of 2,000 to 1,000,000 pieces
– Superior quality and workmanship
– Tolerances held to low tenths
– Coordination of plating, heat treating, anodizing, grinding, coating and other operations
– Hand packaging and efficient delivery

Our Capabilities

– CNC Turning
– CNC Milling
– Swiss Turning
– Tapping, Slotting
– Broaching, Rifling
– Gun Drilling
– 3D Profile Milling
– Complex Secondary Machining
– Assembly

Industries We Serve

– Automotive Components
– Sporting, Hunting, Archery & Paintball
– Hydraulic Fittings
– Electrical Control
– Military Defense
– Aerospace
– Fittings and Fasteners


– Aluminum
– Steel
– Stainless Steels: A286, Inconel, 304
– Brass
– Magnesium
– Titanium
– Castings

Threaded Parts

– Right Hand, Left Hand
– Single Point Turned
– Multi Lead
– Roll Formed
– Plated Threads
– Indexed Threads
– Thread Milling
– Special, non-standard

Equipment & Support

– 2 Tsugami 32mm Seven Axis CNC Swiss Turning Centers
– 2 Tsugami 20mm Seven Axis CNC Swiss Turning Center
– 1 Tsugami M08SY 2 Spindle 4 Axis Live Tooling CNC Turning/Milling Center
– 2 Okuma Three Axis CNC Turning Centers
– 1 Haas SLT Big Bore CNC Turning Center
– 8 Haas VF2-SS 4-Axis Milling Centers with Rotary Unit and Trunnion Table
– 10 Haas VF2-SS 3-Axis Milling Centers
– 1 American T-10-36 Vertical Broach with Rifling Capabilities
– 1 Eldorado Gun Drilling Center
– 2 Hammond Roto Finish Vibratory De-burring Machines
– 1 Hammond Roto Finish RM2P Hi-Energy De-burring Machine
– 1 Amada 250W Automatic Horizontal Cold Saw
– 1 Brown & Sharpe Mistral 775 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
– 1 Optical Comparator, Digital height Gauge, Digital Bore Mics, Profilometer
– 4 MasterCAM Seats, 2 SolidWorks Seats, Jobboss Shop Control Software