PAWS Exhibitor at HAASTEC 2013

PAWS Workholding has announced it will be displaying it’s Workholding products at HaasTec 2013. Haas will host the open house at their Oxnard, CA facility and has scheduled four full days of activities. The show is scheduled to run from Tuesday, April 09, 2013 through Friday, April 12, 2013.

PAWS Workholding will be one of a select few vendors at the event that will be running a 50 minute workshop. The topic of the PAWS workshop will be the “Multiple-Part Workholding Advantage.”

PAWS Workholding will be displaying a variety of automated clamping solutions for production CNC Milling applications. These solutions include several examples of “Multiple-Part Workholding” applications using a variety of clamping methods such as the Multi-Vise, 5C Collet, I,D. Collet and 4th axis trunnion solutions.

Haas Automation
2800 Sturgis Road
Onxard, California 93030

Click here to get more information on the trade show or to get registered.