PAWS to Debut an Eight Station 3J Collet Clamping System at IMTS

Clio, Mich – PAWS Workholding will debut its new 3J Collet Clamping System at IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 being held at Chicago’s McCormick Place Sept. 8-13. PAWS Workholding can be found in the Tooling/Workholding Pavilion, Booth # W-2138, which is located in the West Building.

Ideal for OEMs and production machining operations, the PAWS 3J Collet Clamping System provides automated concentric clamping of eight parts up to 1 ¾ inches in diameter on the O.D. The PAWS 3J System delivers repeatability and increased rigidity when machining round parts. Additionally, the system provides dead length stop capabilities to allow accurate control of part Z height dimensions during machining.

The system is comprised of an eight station 3J Collet Clamping Fixture Plate, a hydraulic base plate underneath to automate the clamping, and a pump. Hydraulic Base and pump are sold separately

PAWS Workholding has been providing clamping and fixturing solutions to the manufacturing community since the early 1990’s. The company’s staff of dedicated, knowledgeable engineers and designers develop first class solution to help customers achieve manufacturing output goals. As the originator of the patented hydraulic clamping system, the PAWS team understands the importance of efficiency and productivity in a production milling environment.

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PAWS Workholding Exhibitor at IMTS 2014

PAWS Workholding to be Exhibitor at IMTS 2014, McCormick Place in Chicago, BOOTH W-2138

Booth: W-2138 Pavilion: Tooling & Workholding Systems

PAWS Workholding has announced it will be displaying it’s Workholding products at the IMTS 2014 (International Manufacturing Technology Show). The show will be held at the McCormick Place in Chicago. The event is scheduled to run from Monday September 8, 2014 through Saturday September 13, 2013.

PAWS Workholding will be displaying a variety of automated clamping solutions for production CNC Milling applications. These solutions include several examples of “Multiple-Part Workholding” applications using a variety of clamping methods such as the PAWS Multi-Vise, 5C Collet, I,D. Collet and 4th axis trunnion solutions.

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