Fourth Axis Workholding

Convert your VMC using a rotary unit and trunnion table to get many of the same advantages of a HMC at a fraction of the cost.   PAWS Workholding can design and build both manual clamp and automated clamping fixtures specifically design for your 4th axis application.  We also have standard 5c collet, 3J collet, and Multi-vise fixture plates to use with our Hydraulic clamping trunnion system.

Fixture plates can be engineered to be modular and interchangeable.  Save time and money by reducing the number of operations it takes to make your part complete!   The two-passage rotary union included in the package allows the trunnion table to rotate 360 degrees on a six inch center line.  The trunnion table has an overall width and length of 9 x 24”.   If you would like assistance, our engineering group can help you design and build a custom fixture plate for your application

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