Workholding Wedge Clamps

Vise Force Clamps for Automated or Manual Clamping

Vise Force Workholding Wedge Clamps

Vise Force® wedge clamps from PAWS Workholding® are a universal workholding solution capable of working with a number of different materials for hydraulic or manual clamping.

The clamps are constructed to expand evenly and apply balanced workholding pressure to the work piece. Our low profile clamps improve your machining process by eliminating movement, vibration, and chatter.

  • Chip free design (Internal return springs)
  • Clamping forces of up to 5,500 lbs
  • One bolt tightening operation (5/16-18 SHCS)
  • Low profile design
  • Ideal for multiple-part workholding
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VF0 Smooth Jaw

VF0 Workholding Wedge Clamp

VF1 Smooth Jaw

Vise Force 1 Smooth Jaw Workholding Wedge Clamp

VF1 +3mm Machinable Jaw

Vise Force 1 +3mm Machinable Jaw Workholding Clamp

VF1 +8mm Machinable Jaw

Vise Force 1 +8mm Machinable Jaw Workholding Clamp

VF1 Serrated Jaw

Vise Force 1 Serrated Jaw Workholding Clamp

VF1.5 Smooth Jaw

Vise Force 1.5 Smooth Jaw Workholding Clamp

VF1.5 Serrated Jaw

Vise Force 1.5 SerratedJaw Workholding Clamp

VF1.5 +8mm Machinable Jaw

Vise Force 1.5 +8mm Machinable Jaw Workholding Clamp

VF2 Smooth Jaw

Vise Force 2 Smooth Jaw Workholding Clamp

VF2 Serrated Jaw

VF2 +8mm Machinable Jaw

Vise Force 2 +8mm Machingable Jaw Workholding Clamp

VF2 Tapped Jaw

VF1 SIde Load

Vise Force 1 Side Load Wordkholding Clamp

VF2 Side Load

Vise Force 2 Side Load Workholding Clamp