Workholding Vise

Eliminate 92% Of Tool Change Time.

Workholding Multi-Vise System

The PAWS Multi-Vise fixture plate has been developed to boost milling efficiency by getting more parts under the spindle. Add the ability to automate clamping with hydraulics and you have one powerful Workholding Solution for your production milling needs.

The Multi-Vise fixture plates can be clamped manually or automated by using our Hydraulic Base Plate. The package includes two machinable outer-fixed jaws and sixteen machinable, moveable jaws.

  • Multi-Vise Fixture Plates locate on top of the PAWS Hydraulic Base Unit for automated clamping.

  • Ideal for Vertical CNC production milling applications or pallet switching.

  • Designed for quick changeovers. The jaw system can be changed in minutes to run different parts.

The system also includes eight PAWS Vise Force 2 Tapped Jaw clamps. These clamps are through hardened and designed to be chip free. With the use of hydraulics, the clamping pressure is adjustable and consistent on every load! You get 3,470 lbs of clamping force per each 2” jaw, or use the 4” jaws and get 6,940 lbs of clamping force per jaw.

What’s Included

Qty. 116 Station Multi-Vise Fixture PlatePart #2017-16-PWCFC-S-CP
Qty. 8Vise Force 2″ Tapped Jaw Wedge ClampsPart #2030-VF2-TP-CP
Qty. 16Clamp Machinable Moveable Vise JawsPart #2030-VF2-TP-SJ-200-CP
Qty. 2Pre-Load Vise Jaw SpacersPart #2026-16-CP
Qty. 1DA40 PAWS Hydraulic Base PlatePart #3080-40-CP
Qty. 112″x16″ Interface PlatePart #1315-40-CP
Qty. 13-Way Top Mount Control Valve

Note: Hydraulic Pump Sold Separately


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