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Hydraulic Base Plates

Automated Multiple-Part Workholding

The PAWS Workholding System is a low-profile, non-dedicated hydraulic base plate that serves as a mechanism for clamping parts in CNC Milling environments. Available in several sizes, the PAWS hydraulic base plate offers embedded dual-action pistons (or points of clamping) every two inches on center. This gives the user a clamping point grid map, or foundation, for creating quick-change fixture plates that utilize all the benefits of hydraulic clamping without tying up the CNC Milling Center with dedicated, expensive hydraulic fixturing.

Vise Force wedge clamps placed on the fixture plate are linked to the dual-action pistons underneath with ¼-20 socket head cap screws that pass through the fixture plate. Considering part size, part configuration, and tool clearance, you select the points of clamping that best meet your needs. Our standard fixture plates are counter-bored underneath to provide clearance for piston movement up and down.


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Hydraulic Base Plate Units

Hydraulic Base Plate Data

Base Part #





Power SourceHydraulics (PSI)100-3000100-3000100-3000100-3000
Piston/Cylinders per Base (PSI)16204880
Piston Force (lbs)115 -3,470115 -3,470115 -3,470115 -3,470
Piston Stroke (Inch)0.2150.2150.2150.215
Piston Thread (I.D.)5/16 – 185/16 – 185/16 – 185/16 – 18
Base DimensionsPiston Centerline (Inch)2.0002.0002.0002.000
Width & Length (Inch)4 1/2 x 17 1/48 x 1012 x 1616 x 20
Height (Inch)2.0002.0002.0002.000
Weight (lbs)445290146