Pump and Valve Options


Hydraulic Valve Porting Options

There are several valve porting options to choose from when you purchase a PAWS Workholding Hydraulic Base Plate; standard porting, top mount porting, and side mount porting. We can also assist you with the installation and plumbing of hydraulic lines on your CNC workcenter.

Part 1201-CP Standard Porting

Control valve is in-line and not mounted on hydraulic porting block

Part 3210-CP Top Mount Valve Porting

Control valve mounted on top of the hydraulic porting block

Part 3220-CP Side Mount Valve Porting

Control valve mounted on side of the hydraulic porting block

Accumulator Package

An accumulator enables the PAWS Clamping System to remain hydraulically charged when hoses are dis-connected. It is intended for use in palletized applications. The package includes an accumulator, P.O. Check Valve, Pressure Gage, quick dis-connects, and a cover.

Part 1209-CP

Hydraulic Pump Option

GX40 Hydraulic Pump this is an Air-Driven Double Acting Hydraulic Pump with 1:40 pressure ratio mounted on a 10 Litre resevoir with strainer, return filter and sight gage. Also includes an integral filter/regulator 1/2″ NPT port with 0-150 PSI air gage. Maximum 4,000 PSI pump pressure rating.

Part 3182 HPU-2117-CP

Pump DimensionsPump Instruction Manual


In-Line Pressure Sensor Kit

Pressure detection can help insure parts are properly clamped before the CNC Workcenter cycle starts. If the machine does not sense the proper pressure, it will alarm the machine and not allow the cycle to start. This Kit includes the following: One (1) Pressure Detection Switch (1450-3900 PSI Range) and One (1) Wire Lead.

Part 1210-CP


Solenoid M-CODE Activation Kit

M-CODE Activation allows for automated clamping and unclamping commands to be included into the CNC program file, and eliminates the possibility of an operator forgetting to clamp. Combined with pressure detection, the M-CODE activation gives an added level of efficiency in the CNC production Milling environment.

The Solenoid Manifold Kit contains the following: One (1) Solenoid Directional Valve (DHE-0711-X-110/50/60 AC), Two (2) Wire Leads, One (1) Manifold Block, One (1) PAWS Standard Block (replaces your 3 way valve) and One (1) Check Valve.

Part 1211-CP

Solenoid Manual