Vise Force 1.5 +8mm Machinable Jaw Workholding Clamp

Vise Force 1.5 +8 Machinable Jaw

The Vise Force 1.5 (VF1.5) +8mm machinable jaw single wedge clamp is engineered with a low profile, chip-free design and ideal for clamping multiple parts. The jaws of the clamps are left soft and are oversized for custom machining to adapt the jaws to your application. The clamp is expanded using a 5/16-18 SHCS and pushes outward in two directions with equal clamping force.

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Part # Min. Opt. Max Width
2030-VF15+8-CP 2.175 2.305 2.440 1.567
Height Mounting SHCS Jaw (Rc) Torque (ft/lbs) Force (lbs)
0.866 5/16-18 28-32 30 5,500
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