PAWS Workholding Announces Hydraulic Clamping Multi-Vise System

Source: Manufacturing News | February 1, 2012

PAWS Workholding has developed a modular Hydraulic Clamping Multi-Vise System to use in production milling applications. The vise is designed to incorporate multiple-part workholding with fast, efficient clamping in order to maximize spindle cut time and density of parts in the milling work space. The system allows for machinable jaws to be interchangeable from part to part, giving users fast changeovers and minimal downtime, the company said. The interchangeable jaws are designed to allow for many different types of irregular shaped parts, accommodating very small parts as well as larger parts up to five inches in diameter.

“Suitable for contract manufacturers or OEMs that perform CNC production milling, the system automates clamping on CNC mills, resulting in greatly reduced load and unload times,” said a company spokesperson. “The vise system incorporates the use of eight OK-VISE DK2-VTI-T clamps that are designed to produce downward clamping force to eliminate jaw lift. Clamp with adjustable and consistent pressure on every load with up to 3,500 lbs. of force per jaw. Options include machinable jaws in either steel or aluminum and an accumulator package for pallet switching applications.